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Herbs and Teas

Herbs and Teas (30)

Scots Pine Herb (Pinus Silvestris) Natural Tea for Healthy Urinal Tract 50g


Lady's Bedstraw,Galium,Woodruf Herb Healthy Leaves Tea for Respiratory,Immune system support,Kidneys,Urinary tract A bag of 30gr.


Basil(Ocimum Basilicum) Herbal,Organic,Natural Tea for Body Detox,Immune System Booster, 40g


Common Contaury Herb (Centaurium Erythraea) Tea for Healthy Stomach,Digestive Tract,Constipation Relief 40gr


Wild Basil(Clinopodium) Organic Tea for Nerve soothing,Cardiac Activity,30gr


Rosa Canina Herb(Flor Rosae) Healthy Tea Constipation reliefe,stomach tract 25g.


Fructus Crataegi,Hawthorn Herbal,dried fruit tea for best cardio,heart functions 100g.


Speedwell Herb(Veronica officianis) Organic Tea For Cough,Bronchitis,Asthma ,30gr


Lavender, dried Healthy Organic Herbal Tea Antistress, Healthy Heart,Anti Anxiety 40gr


Burdock root(Arctium Lappa) Organic Health Tea anti stomachache,Anti Toxin 50gr.


Comfrey Root Dried Herb (Symphytum Officinale) helps with Gastritis and benefits digesstive,stomach tract 100 g


Sweet wormwood dried herbal tea (Artemisia annua),50gr bag,helps with lost of appetite and anorexia


St.John's Wort(Hypericym Perforatum) Tea Stomach Ulcers,Gastritis,Kidneys 40gr


Eyebright Herb(Euphrasia Officinalis) Organic Tea improve Eyesight,25gr


Marigold Flower(Tagetes Erecta L)Herb Myoma,ovarian,breast cysts relief Tea 30gr


Willow Herb(Epilobium Parviflorum) Tea Healthy Prostate and Urinary Tract ,30gr


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